Personnel zombies are slightly stronger than normal zombies, but are technically not special zombies, as they have no special characteristics besides. Depending upon their uniform or appearance indicates different levels of damage-dealing strength, speed, or health.

  • Hazmat: wearing a yellow hazardous materials suit, can take twice as much damage
  • Police: wearing light-blue city police uniform, can take twice as much damage, flails around a handgun firing in random directions
  • Military/Mercenary: usually wearing a green uniform and a full set of bulletproof armor, can take four to six times as much damage
  • Fire Department: usually wearing bright red unifroms, are not affected by any fire attacks or fire in the level
  • Fat: a fat civilian or police zombie, deals twice as much damage with each strike

The best way to deal with these zombies is effective use of the rifle's piercing charged shot (hold R1). If you feel overwhelmed, use a flare or molotov. Do not underestimate these zombies, or you will become surrounded very quickly.