Trophies are awarded for completing certain tasks, and range across the game. Trophies can be rewarded for meeting a kill quota or by completing the game on a set level.

Trophies Edit

  1. Romero Would Be Proud (Platinum)
  2. Easy Does it (Bronze)
  3. Mediocrity (Silver)
  4. Tough Enough (Silver)
  5. Morbid Curiosity (Gold)
  6. Double The Action (Gold)
  7. And So It Begins... (Bronze)
  8. A Trip Downtown (Bronze)
  9. Walk in the Park (Bronze)
  10. On top of the World (Bronze)
  11. Out of the City (Bronze)
  12. Hospital Bill Through the Roof (Bronze)
  13. Gravedigger (Bronze)
  14. Train to Nowhere (Bronze)
  15. Sleeping with the Fishes (Bronze)
  16. Took the Highway (Bronze)
  17. Teamwork (Bronze)
  18. Very Dead (Silver)
  19. Survivor (Bronze)
  20. Skilled (Skilled)
  21. Zombie Killer (Bronze)
  22. Zombie Hunter (Silver)
  23. Genocidiary (Gold)
  24. Aim For The Head (Silver)
  25. Up Close & Personal (Bronze)
  26. Blown To Bits (Bronze)
  27. Pyromaniac (Bronze)
  28. Car Killer (Bronze)
  29. Upgrader (Bronze)
  30. Weapons Specialist (Silver)
  31. Suit Up (Bronze)
  32. Top Gear (Gold)
  33. Contributor (Bronze)
  34. Looter (Silver)
  35. King Of Looters (Gold)

The following six trophies are added and can be obtained acquisition of the Road of Devastation DLC

Road of Devastation Trophies Edit

  1. Still In The Game (Bronze)
  2. Never Give Up (Gold)
  3. Keep It Up (Silver)
  4. Combo Master (Silver)
  5. Dynamic Duo (Bronze)
  6. Found 'Em (Bronze)